Friday, March 31, 2017

Wonderful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Harmony Balls make Wonderful Mother's Day Gifts

Harmony Balls are 'not worn exclusively' by women who are pregnant - Harmony Balls are beautiful unique jewellery pieces in their own right and are worn by women of all ages, as a stunning piece of jewelry. Some 40% of genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Balls are purchased and worn by women who are not pregnant.
So give your Mother something really Special on Mother's Day - a stunning Harmony Ball.
Stunning Mother's Day Gifts at Mothers Day Australia including Chiming Harmony Ball Necklaces among many other wonderful Mother's Day Gift Ideas - surprise your Mum on her special day with a Chiming Harmony Ball Pendant - Mother's Day Gifts AustraliaChiming Harmony Ball Pendants - Mother's Day Gifts Australia

Chiming Harmony Balls

Mothers Day Australia offers a wonderful range of Chiming Harmony Ball pendants which make wonderful Mother's Day Gifts producing a lovely soothing chime sound with movement. If you are looking for something different as a Mothers Day Gift then a Chiming Harmony Ball necklace, with it's cultural history and the fact that it is a hand made beautiful jewellery piece is a wonderful Mother's Day Gift Idea. Every harmony ball is Hand Made by skilled Artisans using only Genuine 925 Sterling Silver and Genuine Gemstones. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another simply Wonderful Mother's Day Gift Idea is a 'Message Pendant' - on the scroll provided with the Sterling Silver pendant you can write a 'personal message to Mum', or even a poem or a small photo - Grandchildren can also write messages or do small drawings for their Grandmother

Unique Message Pendants

message pendants Unique 'Message Pendant Necklaces' are a wonderful Mother's Day Gift Idea from Mother's Day Australia. Beautiful Artisan hand crafted Sterling Silver pendants featuring genuine Gemstones into which you can place a personal message to Mum using the scroll included - either a personal message of love, or a poem or even a photo. Grandchildren can write a message to their Nana or even do a small drawing.
Such a Special and 'Unique' Mothers Day Gift

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dedicated to All Mothers

I think this says most of it, right?

mothers day australia

Got some good Mothers Day quotes or posters? Submit them here

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mothers Day Poems

When buying Mothers Day Gifts many of us these days prefer to include a card that is blank on the inside so we can write our own Mothers Day message to mum, and some of us like to also include one of the thoughtful Mothers Day Poems that are readily available on the internet. A hand written message to mum on Mothers Day is always well treasured. You can find here some lovely examples for you to use at the Mothers Day Poems page on

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mothers Day Australia 2016

Mothers Day Australia 2016 will be held on Sunday 8th May which is the second Sunday in May, the day traditionally set aside for Mother's Day. Mothers Day in Australia is more than just giving your Mum (or Mother-in-law) a bunch of flowers or Mothers Day Gifts. Here in Australia Mothers Day is a special day for Family Gatherings - we all tend to get together for lunch and often case a typical 'Aussie Barbie'. Aside from possibly Christmas Day, for many people Mothers Day represents the best opportunity to get together with family so it is not only a special day for Mum but for the whole family which in turn adds so much more depth of meaning to this special day. Not only does Mum receive a lovely gift but she gets to have her whole family around her. More information here Mothers Day Australia